New Hotel

Glenn provides a progress update on the hotel project and introduces our new Hotel Manager.


Glenn Smithson is back on the site with more updates on the 7 Cedars Hotel project! Construction is moving along as you can see walls, foundation, columns, concrete walls for elevator shafts and even the walls for individual rooms. Travis, the project manager, has confirmed that the project is on schedule and will be ready to open doors early in the summer of 2020. Today Debbie Wardrop, the hotel manager with years of experience and knowledge of hospitality and event planning, will be on-site to share more about the project.

What makes this Sequim hotel stand out from others is that it has had a beautiful sense of arrival, in fact, another totem is being carved to grace the front of the property.

When it comes to the interior, the lobby will give guests a warm welcome to 7 Cedars. On the left, there will be two separate accommodating meeting spaces, and the opposite side of the front desk will be home to what they’ve called the gallery, which will contain traditional and not so traditional art leading guests to the elevators

Each room is spacious, in fact, 64 rooms of the 100 available will have two beds. They are expecting to have lots of families, golf outings, girlfriend getaways.

They also have a space for a marketplace which will provide guests with what they need for things to do in Sequim, WA as well as other sundries and a coffee shop.

The hotel is being held to four-diamond criteria, which is something that many other hotels in the area are lacking. This will make the 7 Cedars Hotel in Sequim one of the best places to stay in the Olympic Peninsula.

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