Topping Off
The 7 Cedars Hotel

Glenn and Travis chat about a major milestone in construction.


Construction has hit an exciting milestone on the 7 Cedars Hotel project, with the topping out of the building having recently been completed. Topping out is a tradition in construction that celebrates the completion of the framing of the building. With the framing of the building completed work will soon begin in earnest on the interior of the hotel as crews work to bring the renderings of Sequim’s most exciting new hotel project to life.

The excitement was palpable as tribal members, longtime casino employees, and construction workers all signed the ceremonial beam and watched the crane lift it into place. It was another step towards the realization of the long-held dream of the Jamestown S’Klallam people. The hotel was originally planned for construction in 2008 but after the economic downturn severely impacted the local community the tribe decided to postpone the project. More than a decade later a round of applause and shouts of excitement signified that at long last the dream would be realized.

A walkthrough of the building provided an early glimpse of just how special the finished project as crews began installing windows in the guest rooms, showcasing fantastic unobstructed views of the bay and the surrounding forests. The scenic bay, surrounded by vast expanses of foliage rich with evergreen and vibrant splashes of reds and yellows. It is these views and the properties close proximity to many of Washington’s natural wonders that are expected to draw both gamers and non-gamers to the hotel after opening in the summer of 2020.

Alongside the construction of the 7 Cedars Hotel other improvements are being made to the property to prepare it for the completion of the project. Parking is being expanded and repaved to improve the flow of cars and ensure adequate pedestrian safety. Cosmetic updates are also being made to the outside of the casino to reflect the casino’s updated branding that complements the arrival of the hotel.