RV Lot

Stay and Play from the comfort of your RV

7 Cedars RV lot is the perfect location to park, play, and appreciate the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. Totem Rewards members can enjoy the 7 Cedars RV lot for free on a first-come, first-served basis. With a clean, quiet environment, breathtaking views of Blyn Bay and the Olympic Mountains, and 8 spots with water and power hookups, our RV lot is the premier location to stay and enjoy everything 7 Cedars and the Olympic Peninsula has to offer.

• Overnight Stays are limited to Totem Rewards Members at no charge. Check-Out Time is 1:00 PM. Three Night Maximum Stay in a 30 day period.

• Extended stays must be approved by 7 Cedars management or the security sergeant on duty.

• If you are leaving the property without your RV, or are staying off the property for an extended period of time, please notify security before doing so. 

• Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. All generators must remain off during this time.

• Only one space is permitted for each vehicle/travel trailer, RV, boat; and must remain in designated space.

• Any damage or destruction of 7 Cedars property will be reported to law enforcement and will result in immediate removal from the property.

• Due to limited power and water, the main cashier will notify security of your registration and will unlock your box.

Note: Overloading the outlet may trip the circuit breaker. Security will reset the circuit breaker only once during business hours. If the circuit breaker trips a second time, security will ask that you unplug your RV.

• Please maintain a clean area around the RV and properly dispose of all garbage, pet waste, etc. Leaks and/or spills of any kind may result in security requiring you to remove the RV from the property. 

• Tents, outdoor cooking, burning pits, and/or open fires are not allowed. Awnings and pop-ups are acceptable within assigned space. 

• No excessive storage is allowed. personal items outside the RV must stay neatly within assigned space. No vehicle maintenance may be performed on-site.

• Pets must be housed inside RV or kept on a leash no longer than six feet whenever outside the RV. Aggressive and/or excessively loud pets are prohibited.

• Alcoholic beverages are only permitted inside the RV. No alcohol is permitted outside.

• Illegal drugs of any kind are prohibited.

• At the sole discretion of 7 Cedars, unruly conduct, lewd behavior, public intoxication, and/or any illegal activities will result in the immediate removal from the property. 

• Fireworks and firearms are strictly prohibited. RE: Firearms: brandishing, displaying, or use of any type of firearm, including but not limited to; BB guns, air guns and/or paintball guns are prohibited anywhere on the property.

• 7 Cedars aims to provide a safe, relaxing environment for all of our guests. We ask that all guests remain courteous and considerate of their neighbors, casino guests, and staff.

If you need any assistance, witness any violations or criminal activity, we ask that you please contact 7 Cedars security at 360.681.6736 immediately. 

Thank You & Good Luck