7 Cedars

Debbie finds Jared in his "new office" and chats about the new 7 Cedars logo.


7 Cedars Hotel Manager Debbie Wardrop joins us from the second floor of the newest hotel coming to the Olympic Peninsula. In this vlog episode, she sits down with Jared from the 7 Cedars Marketing Department to discuss the rebranding process that will be taking place across the 7 Cedars properties. The casino, restaurants, golf courses, and other enterprises will all undergo rebranding in the coming months in anticipation of the hotel opening in 2020.

In approaching the redesign, the marketing team, executive management team, and tribal community looked to the history of the Jamestown S’klallam people and the natural beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. The process began with approximately 90 different concepts inspired by tribal history, tribal art, nature, and the elements. Many of the inspirations for the design of the 7 Cedars Hotel also helped inspire the development of the overall brand. Over time those 90 concepts were distilled down to two. To help make the final decision all of the team members at 7 Cedars were invited to cast a vote for the brand concept that they liked the best.

Over the coming months, guests to 7 Cedars will start to see new brand begin to take its place on building signage, the website, vehicle graphics, clothing, and more. The new branding and logo concept seeks to highlight the connection to nature and tribal history while inviting guests to experience the finest that 7 Cedars has to offer. As one of the premier hospitality and entertainment brands on the Olympic Peninsula, 7 Cedars looks forward to inviting guests from near and far to experience their gaming, dining, live music, golf, hotel, and more with a new brand that honors the rich history of the Jamestown S’klallam people and celebrates the bright future ahead.