Green or Grinch Hotseat Drawings

Upcoming Dates: 12/08, 12/12, 12/15, 12/19, 12/22, 12/26, 12/29


Green or Grinch Table Games Hotseat Drawings

Join us every Wednesday and Sunday in December for our Green or Grinch Table Games Hotseat Drawings at 5:00, 7:00, and 9:00 pm. Each hotseat winner will pick three holiday cards—each with a possibilty of $100 cash, $250 cash, or the "Green or Grinch" card! If the winner selects one of the cash cards, they win that amount and the game is over.

If the hotseat winner selects the Green or Grinch card, they continue to our Green or Grinch game where they will select 3 of our 31 game squares. Each game square contains one of five possible prizes—$250 cash, $100 cash, $50 cash, $50 cash + 1 extra pick, or a Grinch*. Total prize is the sum of the three game squares. 

*Game squares are opened in the order in which they are picked. If a Grinch is selected, the game is over and the player wins the value of game squares they collected beforehand.

Must be a Totem Rewards member. Must be 21+ to participate. Must be present to win. Employees are not eligible.