Travel Inspiration
the Olympic Peninsula

Take a look at these amazing places, close to home!

Got the travel bug, but don't know where to explore next?

Staycations and day trips are all the rage right now! Close to home, but far enough away to escape the city, find adventure, unwind, and mix up the norm.

But where does one start? Where's the best place to find travel inspiration and ideas? Friends and family? Online research? Maybe social media?

If you are looking for hidden gems right in your own backyard, the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park are hard to beat in the variety of experiences than can be found on each visit. From hiking to mountain lakes and breathtaking views, to a walk on a sandy ocean beach and dipping a toe in the crystal clear waters of Lake Crescent . . . there's something for everyone!

Luckily, with resources like this article by Seattle Refined and local travel expert Jess Dales's visual stories on Steller, we're able to see the 'tip of the iceberg' when it comes to exploring the vastness of the Olympic Peninsula.

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