Heat Wave: Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em High Hand

7 Cedars Casino

Wednesdays – Sundays in July and August | 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

You may have wondered if the heat wave was ever going to hit. At long last, it has arrived! Put on your shades, head on over to 7 Cedars and ante-up for our Heat Wave Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em High Hand, running five days per week, 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM in July and August! Each night, the player with the highest hand will receive $50 in freeplay chips!

• To qualify for the high hand prize, players must participate in the $1 progressive bet and have a full house or higher hand.

• If the winner is unable to claim their prize, they will have until the end of the next operational day to collect their winnings.

• If a player holds a hand identical to the current full house on the board, the existing full house will remain in play. To become the high hand, the player must surpass the current high hand.

• If multiple players have identical hands the dealer will deal additional cards (one per player) face-up, clockwise after the tie occurs. There will be a designated deck specifically for tiebreakers daily if one occurs. The player with the highest-ranking card dealt out first will be determined as the high hand. (Example: if three kings are dealt out the first king dealt out will take the spot on the board for the high hand.)

Must be 21 years or older to participate. We reserve the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time and to exclude any individual from this contest at our sole discretion. Any dispute not covered by the above rules shall be resolved by the casino management in a manner deemed fair to all concerned and shall be final and binding.