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The Cedars at Dungeness Golf Course—not your average golf course!

From our famous crab shaped sand trap, to some of the best golf conditions in Western Washington, come see what all the buzz is about and experience our award-winning golf course for yourself, in sunny Sequim. Check out our 2023 Rate Card.

Tee's Men's rating/slope WoMen's rating/slope Out In Total
BLACK 70.9/124 70.9/124 3443/3420 3162 6605/6582
COPPER 68.7/118 74.2/125 3173 2900 6073
COPPER SILVER 66.8/113 71.8/120 2952 2682 5634
SILVER 65.3/111 69.9/118 2766 2572 5338
BRONZE 61.9/102 65.3/109 2282 2178 4460
Tee's Men's rating/slope WoMen's rating/slope Out In Total BLACK 71.7/124 71.7/124 3430/3446 3195 6641/6625
Tee's Men's rating/slope WoMen's rating/slope Out In Total COPPER 68.9/119 68.9/119 3162 2901 6063
Tee's Men's rating/slope WoMen's rating/slope Out In Total COPPER SILVER 67.0/115 71.8/120 2938 2699 5637
Tee's Men's rating/slope WoMen's rating/slope Out In Total SILVER 65.6/112 70.1/116 2739 2584 5323
Tee's Men's rating/slope WoMen's rating/slope Out In Total BRONZE 62.2/101 65.7/111 2333 2207 4540



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Hole 1: Mulligan Way

Pro Tip: This short dogleg left is a great starting hole to ease your way into the round. A drive down the right hand side should leave you with a short iron as your approach. Big hitters can carry the left fairway bunkers, but may be left with an uneven lie. The green slopes back to front and left to right.

Par 4

Black 340
Copper 332
Cppr/Slvr 332
Silver 302
Bronze 277


Hole 2: Road Hole

Pro Tip: A generous par 4 as long as you avoid the bunkers surrounding the fairway and green. The approach shot plays a little up hill. If the trade winds from the west are blowing it could play 1-2 clubs longer from the fairway. The green slopes from back to front and is in somewhat of a bowl shape. Shots coming in from the left or right will roll toward the center of the green.

Par 4

Black 395
Copper 353
Cppr/Slvr 353
Silver 306
Bronze 246


Hole 3: Ole Crabby

Pro Tip: Aim your tee shot at the 3 trees at the end of the fairway. Big hitters can fly the bunker on the corner, but if you don’t make it you can easily turn a birdie into a bogey. "Old Crabby" is the only bunker in the world shaped like a Dungeness Crab. We added red volcanic cinders from Bend Oregon to add to the effect. Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in its claws. The green slopes back to front.

Par 5

Black 490
Copper 463
Cppr/Slvr 438
Silver 438
Bronze 322


Hole 4: Clam Digger

Pro Tip: This is a huge green that slopes pretty severely from back to front. Add at least 1 club for the elevation gain. The best play is to carry the right front bunker and most shots will feed off the hill to the left.

Par 3

Black 185/162
Copper 152
Cppr/Slvr 152
Silver 118
Bronze 99


Hole 5: Geoduck

Pro Tip: Drive down the left center and the ball should feed toward the middle of the fairway. Lots of room on the right, but you may end up in the rough & an uneven lie. The green has a small false front, so be sure and carry the ball all the way onto the green. The green slopes right to left.

Par 4

Black 382
Copper 382
Cppr/Slvr 334
Silver 334
Bronze 271


Hole 6: Double Eagle

Pro Tip: This is a very short par 5, and should be an automatic birdie for most long hitters. The wind is the main factor on this hole. “When it’s breezy, hit it easy” If you’re laying up, be careful of the fairway bunker 40 yards from the green.

Par 5

Black 504
Copper 439
Cppr/Slvr 439
Silver 414
Bronze 382


Hole 7: 7 Cedars

Pro Tip: Another par 5, this one is the longest hole on the course. Downwind makes it easier, but 3 precise shots are important to make par. The green is well guarded by 2 bunkers on the left and 1 on the right. This is also one of the longest greens on the course. If it’s a back or front pin, make sure to add or subtract 15 yards.

Par 5

Black 579
Copper 548
Cppr/Slvr 458
Silver 458
Bronze 336


Hole 8: Mallard Crossing

Pro Tip: This is the shortest hole on the course. If you carry the left green side bunker the ball should kick forward and right towards the middle of the green. Club selection is critical when the wind is blowing. Over the green makes for a tough up & down.

Par 3

Black 159
Copper 144
Cppr/Slvr 144
Silver 94
Bronze 76


Hole 9: Olympic

Pro Tip: This is a tricky par 4 and where many players feel like the course really starts getting challenging. Aim your tee shot towards the fairway bunker on the left and hit a fade towards the middle. This should help avoid the trees and out of bounds down the right side. The green has a fishbowl effect where the ball will roll towards the middle of the green if you hit on the sides. Sloped back to front this can be a fast green. Don’t forget to stop at the Snack Shack for a hotdog or our famous Bloody Mary.

Par 4

Black 409
Copper 360
Cppr/Slvr 302
Silver 302
Bronze 273


Hole 10: Bear

Pro Tip: This is another challenging hole. To have a clear view of the green, hit your tee shot down the right side. Add at least one club on your approach to this elevated green. This is the most severely slopped green on the course. Try not to be above the hole to avoid any three putts.

Par 4

Black 382
Copper 365
Cppr/Slvr 319
Silver 319
Bronze 267


Hole 11: Talking Stick

Pro Tip: Straight forward par three. Just make sure you clear the front bunker and par shouldn’t be a problem. This green also slopes back to front, but can be deceiving. Play a little less break on your putts.

Par 3

Black 163
Copper 138
Cppr/Slvr 138
Silver 110
Bronze 87


Hole 12: Inipi

Pro Tip: Accuracy is crucial as this is one of the narrowest par 4’s on the course. Add 10 to 15 yards to your distance on your approach as this hole invariable plays into the wind and the green is severely elevated.

Par 4

Black 337
Copper 316
Cppr/Slvr 316
Silver 303
Bronze 202


Hole 13: Windtalker

Pro Tip: A great risk and reward hole for the long hitters. Hit it straight and be a chip shot away, hit it off-center and you can be blocked by trees that line both sides of the fairway. The fairway bunker 100 yards from the green can also be challenging. Very big green with little slope.

Par 4

Black 313
Copper 305
Cppr/Slvr 305
Silver 282
Bronze 252


Hole 14: Hogback

Pro Tip: Commonly known as the bull-hole. There used to be some farm animals greeting you in the field left of the fairway. Now there is only tall grass, a barbed wire fence and a two-stroke penalty for being out-of-bounds. The smart play is to aim down the right side. Only the bigger hitters can reach the fairway bunkers. The perfect lay-up spot is at the top of the hill 105 yards from the green. Lay-up too far right and you will be blocked by trees. Some players attempt to get home in 2, but usually are unsuccessful because of the narrow shot that they have to negotiate in getting there.

Par 5

Black 548
Copper 518
Cppr/Slvr 471
Silver 471
Bronze 406


Hole 15: Killer Whale

Pro Tip: Arguably the toughest par 4 on the course. This hole usually plays long, but can be almost unreachable for the average player when the wind is really blowing. Be wary of the false front. Add at least a club and a half to your approach to stay on the green. A bogey on this hole feels like a par.

Par 4

Black 420
Copper 378
Cppr/Slvr 299
Silver 299
Bronze 224


Hole 16: Spirit

Pro Tip: Freddy Couples once drove this tough par 4 in a high school match, but then again he is a Masters Champion. The smart play is to hit whatever club leaves you with 125-150 yards into the green. If you veer off-line your approach will be challenging due to the towering trees and water hazard on the right. This green is two-tiered and slopes considerably from back to front.

Par 4

Black 416
Copper 357
Cppr/Slvr 357
Silver 327
Bronze 318


Hole 17: Happy Valley

Pro Tip: This hole is more visually challenging than anything else. Don’t worry about the water on the left. Hit your shot towards the right fringe and the slope will take it to the middle of the green. Take about 8-12 yards off your yardage because of the elevated tee.

Par 3

Black 191
Copper 143
Cppr/Slvr 143
Silver 127
Bronze 119


Hole 18: Totem Way

Pro Tip: This is one of the best finishing holes in the Northwest. Aim your tee shot at the Totem Pole just left of the clubhouse. This will give you the best angle to the green. Hit it right and you’ll have no chance to make par. Add at least one club to your selection for your approach to this elevated green. The green slopes back to front. Now go inside Stymie’s to celebrate your best round of the year.

Par 4

Black 392
Copper 380
Cppr/Slvr 334
Silver 334
Bronze 303