First Anniversary Clock

The story of the 7 Cedars Hotel clock

This clock represents past and present aspects of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe.

The crest within the clock is composed of three symbols, two of which—the Eagle and the Salmon—have endured with time as central figures within the totems of the S’Klallam people. Both are also the central figures in the tribe's crest, originally designed by Jamestown citizen Gregory David Prince. At the time, he wrote:

“The Eagle (kʷə́ yŋsən) is free; he is strong; he is powerful; he is silent; he is one with the Earth. For the Jamestown people, he is the enduring vision of the past and the future. The Salmon (sčánnəxʷ) is life; he is continuance; he is perpetual adaptation; he is the pulse of the Earth. For the Jamestown people, he is a physical link to their heritage. If the Eagle and the Salmon disappear, the world will be a sadder place. A void will be opened that can never be filled.”

Also encapsulated within the clock is the Wolf—reminding us of how the Jamestown people are said to have descended from the Wolf Mother and her children.


The 7 Cedars Hotel Clock was designed by master carver emeritus, Dale Faulstich. The carving and painting were done by tribal citizen Timothy O’Connell with guidance from master carver Bud Turner. Bud taught Timothy the art of gilding with copper, which is also prized by Northwest Coastal Native Americans.

Totem Tour

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