7 Cedars
Totem Poles

Paula talks about the S'Klallam Totem Poles that grace the front of the property and the story behind them.


Totem poles are used for many reasons in our culture, but here they are used to tell a story about the 7 Cedars Resort. There are 7 totem poles outside which allow us to communicate our story with our guests. This box is the box of daylight which is held by the raven who steals the light. As the story goes, the raven is the one who gives us the sun, the moon and the stars until the raven was the one to take it out of the box. Here at 7 Cedars our box hold our time capsule, which was put in on the first day of 7 Cedars Casino and will be opened after 100 years. We look forward to filling more time capsules as 7 Cedars expands with our hotel opening and other entities.